Destroy the material objects that are crushing your life down, as it only takes 1 click to look to the other color of the world. But don't get too distracted, as a blind eye does not mean an immortal body.


Use A & D  or <- & -> to walk around
Space to jump, press E to change your view
Click the falling objects to destroy them
Destroy as many objects as you can and survive the longest

Install instructions

Run the executable file called "Everything_Behind_Nothing"


Download 33 MB
Download 34 MB


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invisible obstacles make this game a bit harder than it should be. (have reloaded 3 times too make sure that it's not a loading glitch)

Invisibel? Oh do you mean when you go into the dream world the real world objects disappear? If so then that is a feature not a bug, they purposefuly go invisable to  make the game hard. I would have refined the vision further, but this was for a super short jam. Thanks for playing!

The size of the game combined with the how-to-play button made me overlook the instructions under the gamefield. (and the how-to-play button didn't convey the instructions in a good manner, making it look like it had already said everything of importance)

Oh yes, I see what you mean. Thank you for the feedback, I’ll make the game easier to understand right away.